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JustAddBirds is a garden bird food company with a difference!

Here at JAB the team have been watching and feeding their garden birds for more years than we care to admit! That means you can take advantage of our experience and observations to find the right food for your particular garden species. If you are new to bird feeding and don’t know where to start, you can try our fabulous ‘bird attractor’ calculator (we call it the JABulator) and let IT decide what’s best to buy. All our seeds and nuts are of top quality, our seed mixes are carefully thought through and we are sure that you and your garden birds will be delighted with our products.

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Jenny Steel

Jenny Steel is a Plant Ecologist and Natural History Writer who has specialised in Garden Ecology for more than 25 years. She has written for many UK magazines, is a speaker, photographer and course facilitator and is the author of fifteen books. She lives and works in South Shropshire where she has created a fabulous two acre wildlife garden.

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