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The Type KS dormouse drey is an inexpensive way of helping to preserve this tiny woodland species.


One of the main advantages of the KS is that the entrance is at the rear, facing the tree trunk, making it more difficult for birds to occupy it.  


With upper, lower and side opening next to the trunk the acutual access is ideally positioned but still well protected from potential predators.

1KS Dormouse

    • Suitable for all varieties of Dormice
    • Made from water-resistant, air-permeable Woodcrete
    • Comes with a galvanized mounting strap and aluminium nail
    • Low maintenance
    • Backed by 25 year guarantee (in addition to your statutory rights).
    • Suitable for trees with a 20-30 cm diameter.  The 1KS has a 40mm access
    •  External Dimensions: 290H X 175W X 225D mm