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The high oil content of our Black Sunflower Seed means high energy, and that's what's special about what we call our Husky Dusky! 


It's a natural attractor of Blue Tits, Great Tits and Coal Tits and even Marsh Tits if you are lucky enough to have them around. This wild bird seed has definitely earned its place in our mixes, but it's also very effective when it's fed on its own from a hanging bird feeder or in a Seed Saver.


What other birds might you attract with Husky Duskies? Other than those listed above you could find Siskins, Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Nuthatches coming to your feeder. Why so attractive? The oil content and the high calorific value of this seed provides a great energy boost for your garden birds.

Husky Duskies - Black Sunflower Seeds

  • Buy more & save money! Our handy pack contains 4kgs of feed, or for better value try a 12.55kg sack!

  • I always think that these look good enough to eat!  And obviously they are - by my garden birds. The husks don’t bother me as these seeds are worth their weight in gold, brilliant for all the finches and the tits.