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Unlike us, birds don’t have to watch their waistlines, which make our Im-peck-able Peanuts the perfect thing for wild birds for a quick energy boost!  


Not only are our Peanuts high in calories they’re also exceptionally high in essential oils. Im-peck-able Peanuts are guaranteed Aflatoxin free (a nasty fungus which can hang out on poor quality peanuts) which means they’re a safe bird food.


One of the original garden bird feeding staples, Peanuts still remain a favourite of Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits but don’t underestimate their pulling power when it comes to attracting different birds.  Therefore, don’t be surprised if you attract Long-Tailed Tits, Starlings, Siskins, Nuthatches, Jays and even a Great Spotted Woodpecker!   With just a single bird food.

Im-Peck-Able Peanuts

  • Buy more & save money! Our handy pack contains 4kgs of feed, or for better value try a 12.55kg sack!

  • m-Peck-Able Peanuts are perfect.  And Peckable! There are few garden birds that won't eat them in one form or another. I especially love all the tit species and Peanuts bring them to my garden in droves. Plus Nuthatches! Now you're talking!!