google82361015409c67ce.html Ring-Pull Feeder Trays | Justaddbirds
  • 265mm  or 350mm diameter
  • Compatible with all Ring-Pull™ models.
  • Includes BaseLink or can be used with our Garden Pole
  • Extra large tray, for even more perching area.
  • Great for offering table scraps

Ring-Pull Feeder Trays

  • A feeder tray creates room for even more birds while making sure that no food is wasted!

    Some birds (naughty Greenfinches!) love to pull seeds out before selecting exactly the one they are looking for, and in my garden the Nuthatches also do this.

    These trays collect food that would otherwise end up on the ground as well as creating a feeding ‘platform’ for Chaffinches and, in the winter, Siskins.