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The beautifully designed Ring-Pull™ PRO outlasts other feeders.

It features chunky metal components that resist squirrel attacks and harsh winter weather... year in and year out.


Hygiene's a breeze with our unique Ring-Pull™ easy clean technology. Just twist the base and pull the pin to separate all feeder parts for an instant scrub-up - keep birds healthy while saving you precious time.


  • 0.5 litre, 2 ports, 180mm tube height
  • 1 litre, 4 ports, 360mm tube height
  • 1.5 litre, 6 ports, 540mm tube height

Ring-Pull™ PRO Seed Feeders

Seed Type
    • Tough metal fittings resist chewing by squirrels
    • Brilliantly quick to clean with no tools needed
    • Base twists off for quick cleaning; comes fully apart for deep cleaning
    • Backed by reassurance of our Lifetime Guarantee
    • Quick clean - Twist off base lets uneaten husks and seeds escape
    • Deep clean - Pull the pin and all feeder parts separate for a thorough clean