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Specially designed for offering seeds and blends, this brilliant feeder shows squirrels who is in charge! 


Birds can feed freely, but squirrels are shut out by the clever mechanism that adjusts in seconds to exclude bigger birds like pigeons, too. With lots more clever touches - like comfortable perches and a unique Seed Ventilation System for fresher food - The Squirrel Buster® gives you an easy win in the battle against the No.1 garden enemy.


Squirrel Buster® - Seed

    • For seeds and blends
    • Easy to fill and clean
    • Appeals to perching and clinging birds
    • Capacity: 0.75 litre.

  • This feeder is a simple solution to squirrel problems.

    Grey Squirrels visit my garden at certain times of year and while I don't want to be unkind to them I would rather they gave the birds a chance!

    This ingenious device uses the squirrels own weight to close off access to the food.