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One of the best ways to give your birds a really quick burst of energy (and to enable them to store essential fats to get them through cold winter nights) is to feed suet products.


Our Suet Cake Feeders are designed to fit our Suet Cakes and give your garden birds easy access to these high energy blocks with Berries and with Seeds.


They are easy to clean and very durable and hold a single Suet Cake.


Suet Cake Feeder

  • ​​​​​​​Small birds such as Tits and Wrens need to put on a lot of extra weight in the short days of winter, and Suet Cakes enable them to do this very readily as fat is very high in calories (as we all know!) 

    These Suet Cake Feeders are perfect for small birds as they can cling and perch very easily on the plastic coated mesh, without any chance of trapping small feet.  They are easy to clean too, which is always a bonus.

    • Plastic covered mesh feeder
    • Rust-proof and easy to clean
    • Green colour looks good in any garden
    • Especially designed for our Suet Cakes