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Gone are those messy days when we made our own suet cakes for birds – all that melting and stirring and adding this and that and then waiting an age for everything to set. Fun when you are a kid (and we like that idea) but a bit hit and miss!


Our Suet Cakes are made with top quality ingredients to which we have added extra treats – either a combination of blueberries, cherries, dried apple, chopped peanuts and almonds in the Fruit, Berry & Nut cake. Or with Sunflower Power sunflower hearts in the HIgh Energy cake.


Simply unwrap and place in a Suet Feeder and voila! ready to go.


The tits in particular love these high energy cakes but don’t be surprised if you have house sparrows, nuthatches and even great spotted woodpeckers queuing up!

Suet Cakes - Pack of 6

  • Buy more & save money! Our handy pack contains 4kgs of feed, or for better value try a 12.55kg sack!

  • Suet cakes are a real basic for winter feeding as far as I am concerned. The high energy nature of the fat and the added treats in these makes them a staple for my woodpeckers, blue tits, long-tailed tits and nuthatches. In the summer the suet may soften so make sure you store them somewhere cool. Instant bird energy!