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Especially designed for Robins, these nest boxes are made from sustainably sourced North American cedar, the thick (19mm) walls offering excellent insulation.


They need no painting, varnish or preservative and will age gracefully to a delightful silver-grey.


Recommended by National Nest Box Week, they can be fixed to a tree, a post or a wall.

The Official Cedar Open Front Box

    • Selected as the Official Nest Box of National Nest Box Week
    • Ideal for wide range of British species
    • 19mm Canadian cedar gives excellent insulation and strength
    • Aluminium fixing nail will not damage tree and is safe when eventually felled
    • Zero maintenance: no need for painting, varnishing or preservatives
    • Durable hand-screwed construction cuts the risk of warping or splitting
    • Dimensions: 370H x 156W x 175D mm.


    35mm recommended for Wrens

    75mm recommended for Robins