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The Offical Woodcrete National Nest Box Week is made form a super tough blend of wood fibre, clay & cement to provide the nesting birds with excellent insulation, and protection from predators.


It needs no maintenance and comes with a high strength wire hanger plus a tree-safe fixing nail.


The front panel slides out for inspection & cleaning.


It is virtually indestructible and will perform flawlessly for decades.


Choose between the 26mm aperure and the 32mm aperture - and between a brown, red, white or green finish.

The Official Woodcrete Nest Box

    • Low maintenance - just fit and forget
    • Highest occupancy rates
    • Ideal for most small hole nesting birds
    • Easy-open mechanism for inspection and cleaning
    • Easy to hang from wall or tree - supplied complete with aluminium nail for safe tree fixing
    • The choice of birdcare professionals - millions sold
    • Backed by 25 year guarantee (in addition to your statutory rights).
    • Dimensions: 260H x 170W x 180D mm.Weight: 3.6kg.
    • To let any small birds use the box choose the 32mm hole - suitable for great, marsh & coal tits, redstart, nuthatch, pied flycatcher, house sparrow and tree sparrows.
    • To restrict access to blue, marsh and coal tits, and possibly wrens, choose the 26mm hole. All other species will be excluded by the smaller entrance.